It seems all of us have a fascination with dolphins. The place to see them on Marco Island without getting in a boat launch is on the extreme south end of the island.  You can get out on the water with a boat and personal watercraft; this is one place we see the dolphins the most.

 They seem to like to play in the water off the boat launch.  We see the dolphins there almost every time we go there with or without a boat.  Its one place they seem to like to play including chasing each other and jumping out of the water.  One day recently we sat there on a personal watercraft and watched the dolphins play for two hours and they were still there when we left!  We have seen Manatees there a few times also.  You also get a good view of the gulf and the offshore islands too.  Another hot spot for dolphins is the Snook Inn Restaurant.  They have a viewing deck on the second floor behind the outdoor bar.  It’s another place we don’t miss for dinner and the dolphins!.

Directions:  Take Collier Blvd. south to the end (it turns to the left, but keep going).  You will see the boat ramp on the right.  They have restrooms and benches to sit and relax.  Bring your camera.  The Snook Inn is at the end  of Bald Eagle Drive (north).  Go to the extreme end, when the road turns left, you go straight into the parking lot and turn right.  It’s behind the small motel.

Click here for Google map of boat dock area on Marco Island

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