For the Love of Dolphins



Anytime dolphins are spoken of, these babies are sure to come to mind. Quickies:

• They prey on mainly small fish and squid.
• They can travel at speeds of 18 miles an hour.
• They can make up to 1,000 clicking sounds per second! That’s insane!
• That blowhole of theirs is their nose.

commersonsdolphinCOMMERSON’S DOLPHIN
This is probably not a picture that comes to your mind when you think ‘dolphin’. Quickies:

• These poor guys are hunted for crab bait.
• They have harlequin-shaped markings on their body.
• They’re only found on the southern tip of South America and an island off Africa.
• Live in groups of 1-3, but large schools are occasionally formed.

spinnerdolphinSPINNER DOLPHIN
Not the most famous dolphin out there, but a beautiful one. Quickies:

• They reside in tropical pelagic oceans all over the world.
• They are 1.7-2m long.
• It is unknown of their conservation status.
• They can be seen in schools from 5 to 200. But schools of 1,000 have been reported.

And save the best for last, the Dusky Dolphin. I’m not sure why I love this over the others, but I do. Quickies:

• They inhabit the coastal regions below the Tropic of Capricorn all the way to the sub-Arctic.
• They have an all white belly.
• Schools of them can range from 20 to 300.
• They are a very acrobatic species.

(Photos are from Flickr and are CC licensed for commercial use with attribution)


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